the lawn chair set (2010)

Every Castle must have its king/queen and every king/queen must have his/her throne.

Life has many sets-“Horsy Set”, “Tennis Set”, “Yacht Set”-Refined Sugar Studio presents “The Lawn Chair Set”. 

Providing a leisurely seat from which to look out over sprinklers on lawns of new suburban developments, or rooftops overlooking The Park, “The Lawn Chair Set” is designed and perfected by Refined Sugar Studio.

The vintage chairs are gilded, using 23k-karat gold leaf, brass hardware and padlock.  The webbing is replaced with heavy weave polypropylene.   Such care given to the pieces elevates their status from a lowly suburban perch to a seat of power

Sizes and designs of each piece may vary slightly-Approximately 18"l x 18" w x 36" h 

750 each